Goldstrike: Don’t mess with the legend, Ship

Don’t mess with the legend

Advertising Agency: Gleijm & van der Waart, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Maarten Boog
Art Director: Ruud Cuijpers, Ralph Smits

November 2009


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Somebody help me out here. The headline says "Don't mess with the legend"...but the visuals are saying exactly the opposite to me. Am I missing something?

I think; therefore I am

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chris myles
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yh totally agree with CurryJ. we should have someone explaining the idea.

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you both got it right. there is nothing more to get. it's just a lame campaign with too many ads

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they trying to say that you should drink it (by the way what drink is that? Whisky?), not play with the bottle.
The sophmore at Ad major level ad.

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Thanks for the explanation, djinnn. However, while it's an interesting proposition, it's still coming out clearly enough for me.

I think; therefore I am

CurryJ's picture
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sorry, it's still NOT coming out clearly enough for me....

I think; therefore I am

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concepte trallat. gran direcció d'art.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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messy actions should ideally have backfired, to make it really interesting

silvi's picture
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In this case, brand is not visible.

everartz's picture
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the visual is neat and clean.. but other than that im not sure

| Everartz |

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I personally kind of hate the visual for two aspects:
- Font is useless and too "decorative" for the whole "let's do it simple" trend they're trying to follow.
(I believe the font is called Bleeding Cowboys)and text gradient's too complex.
- execution is too confusing. I mean honestly, what legend? doesn't a legend brand use it's logo to sign the ad? why use the logo only on the product and not skillfully placed somewhere in the ad? the ads certainly lack that "something" that makes it grand. While the idea may be good, the execution destroyed it.

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PS. 2 stock photos, 1 product picture, times new roman and simple photoshop skills and they still could have done it better.

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