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cool visual concept & art direction.
i like the atmopshere

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this one's great! the other two are a bit forced...

strange format by the way...

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probably a half page newspaper size.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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ok, yeah, i think you're right

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ouch. All these are pretty forced. Pretty obscure items used (price tags?). I had to spend too much time trying to figure out what the heck these bugs were made out of...

original doodles + creative sweat = thinkingfresh.ca

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thanks guys

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very gud job sir!!!
this one is perfect, rest are bit forced. but there are wide posibllity for extention.

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nice idea, but art is slightly forced

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again, very poor art direction. and idea very forced. somehow the feel of the ad does not make me want to buy anything from this store.

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i wonder how many people would have said this was forced if the comment wasnt brought up in the first few crits??? sometimes i feel like some of us say things becuase of a bias developed thru reading previous comments.....i wish there was a way to hide all the comments until youve made one yourself.

this idea works people are afraid of weird bugs and people are afraid of high 'desire controlled' price tags. good job people...especially considering its out of india..no offense intended.

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Way to go Deep! I love the butterfly.

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