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i wish i had a big fat beer client to work on stuff for. you can just go on autopilot. to follow up on this one, i'd have the ocean emptied and refilled with ice and bud and have a great party. you will all be invited.

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i would pay a few hundred people to run around and sing a stupid song about how much money we had at our disposal. done before? sad.

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sorry to say that once again, but this ad had already been done before. The idea belong to Pommery Champaign, a campaign made by DDB Paris in 1998 !!! You can see it on Cannes Archive or very soon on

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Dick Huges
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Going thru, the FedEx/DHL one is a shocker!
How do you shamelessly copy an ad like that!

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hmm...why gold fish?

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because they go pretty well with the bottles

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That's disgusting!! Please keep my Stella Artois inside the fridge.

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will these goldfish beer come with fishy smell?
i don't want to taste goldfish, and this make it even worse. i guess i will feel i swallow goldfish if i see ad this right at the moment i am drinking the beer.

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Bud tastes like piss, not goldfish. Maybe it tastes like goldfish piss?

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Take it easy wit da comment, the ad just simple say bud its more important than anything else, Poor goldfish neway

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That's the trouble with generic 'gag' ideas.
Have you guys seen Australian 'Tongue', 'Catapaults' and 'Big Ad' beers ads?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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nice twist. but this concept fits more to "It's only be Heineken".

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Another People
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i accept this ad.

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nuthin great.

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me thinks
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Ney Frances
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is there life before death?

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Oh, come on guys! Don't take everything too serious and enjoy life. Haven't been to student parties lately? :-)

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It was originally done on Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams in the early 80s I believe - I remember a scene where a biker takes a bottle of beer from a fish tank.

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Mmmm. fish beers.

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you are welcome to discover the original one from France, now on !!!

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a simple comparison:
golden fishes are stupid, they eat alot and they die fast. is this the personality of the TM too? i don't think so.. i don't like it.

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plz dont do these things with the little fishes.the snap is really nice.