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this one's pretty smart. the others are just cheesy (pun unintended).

nish's picture
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Yes, this one is the most bearable of the lot. But without the others, this makes no sense.

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This one and the spaghetti one are the best. The others are not as simple and a bit forced. You gotta love minimalism!

stapel@creativebits.org's picture
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boring campagign but nice art work

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what the hell is going on here? this is complete and utter boring shiite. a self-serving adjective passes as an ad these days? I swear this place has jumped the shark.

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Ivan, good that you reversed the order of the campaign. Now the last ad makes more sense.

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Only if you know the entire campaign does this ad make sense. That is not very smart. There is something to be said about ads that don't need support from three ads.

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