Gold Strong Beer: Anvil

Strong, yet smooth. Please enjoy responsibly.

Advertising Agency: Saint Bernadine Mission Communications, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: David Walker
Art Director: Jennifer Hicks
Copywriter: David Walker
Photographer: Tony Hurley
Retouching & Production: Jack Griffin, Inc.
Props: PropwerksFX
Published: February 2009


catalina Gutiérrez77's picture
catalina Gutiérrez77
2 pencils

que buen concepto!

Funkafide's picture
22 pencils

I don't think, nor want to think of a chunk of gold when all I really want is a beer.

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like the line "strong, yet smooth"

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2005 pencils

helloooooo 80's

Now I Understand why these ads are so bad, look at the agencies web site,( besides the the fact it looks like doo doo ) they won't even put up their work, you have to request to see it in an e-mail, like its some sort of BIG SECRET. I hope this set of ads aren't part of your secret.

I'm not here to talk shit on this agency, but this site needs to up the caliber of work it shows, this is 2nd year student work at very best.

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You say you are not here to spew the the doo doo, but you doo doo.

CurryJ's picture
955 pencils

Is gold really strong?

I think; therefore I am

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don't get it. okay, i get it. but it sucks. way to go canada.

unmanman's picture
118 pencils

there really is no forgiveness for a stupid beer ad

Guest's picture

yet flat

desailly's picture
470 pencils

The line's not as good as the one Caffrey's beer used to run with in the UK.

"Strong words softly spoken".

Much nicer.

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Wake me when the copy gets more interesting.

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the product says 6.3 - assume that's alcohol strength - completes the ad - nice.

r063r's picture
4 pencils

the ad itself isn't strong nor smooth....

Guest's picture

I'd give this ad a 6.3

toomuchflystyles's picture
137 pencils

I'd give this ad a 6.3

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