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MEAT also means FLESh---------

MEAT MARKET is a slang for the prostitution industry

but if that is the idea here------- grow up guys--- whom are you selling the meant to??? higly educated pimping heroes?????

Be awesome :)

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No no, it´s not about prostitution. A place where people hook up is called a meat market - could be a bar or a club - and this should be Montreal´s finest.
Don´t like it - just explaining...

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I hate that font on their logo as well.

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terrible. sorry guys. soem ideas are just terrible, even if they are smart. which i doubt is the case.

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i like the art
i just agree that only pimps or hip people will get it... maybe they'll also bus.


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sería una gran idea, en contra de la trata de blancas

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Hm, It's very strange, but what I get from this campaign is that it's all about good relations with clients. Usually women do the shopping for cooking, so I suppose the names on it mean that the meat is kept (saved) for those women that are regular clients. Some sort of trust building relation between the clients and the store, so those women know they get the best. I really wonder why nobody else could see it that way. :-/

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