Goette Optician: Tie Guy

Cut to fit your face.
Götte Customized Eyewear

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Fernando Perez, Livio Dainese
Art Directors: Adrian Merz, Barbara Suter-Blaesi
Copywriters: Thomas Engeli, Daniel Pieracci
Illustrator: Sabrina Transiskus / Paper Art
Photographer: Patrick Rohner
Published: October 2011


MicheleVirgilio's picture
2617 pencils

i like. very nice art

Wordfruit's picture
1023 pencils

i think the idea is good.

and the art is good, but I don't get the smear...?

Nomad8's picture
204 pencils

I think the smear is just a highlight like you see in illustrations, to give the face some depth. But it's still missing depth. Even with the cut pieces at the bottom, the top part looks like its drawn on the wall.

kleenex's picture
27864 pencils

HMMMM was the face all blue before cutting it up for this ad???

Peter Frank's picture
Peter Frank
532 pencils

ok art

iambusy's picture
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