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Thoughts will remain thoughts.

Surveillance cameras are used to catch offenders - but they actually do much more than that. They actually PREVENT wrongdoings by simply being present. Many a dastardly thought never gets executed because of this unblinking eye of technology. CCTV cameras thus play the effective role of a thought inspector and send out a strong message: "you may think it, but don't ever think of doing it."

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Ram Jayaraman
Art Director: Nishant Shah
Copywriter: Ram Jayaraman
Illustrator: Nilesh Naik

December 2011


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I like the description below the ad.

Is this ad aimed at government then if it's about preventing crime.

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Where is the idea
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Yep, there is a powerful insight in the explanation but not in the campaign. And why this treatment? a webcam shot would be better understood. This also looks like the peep hole on the door.

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Not bad at all.



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certainly interesting.

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excellent illustrations fubu!

You Are What You Expect

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10 for copyw but he's alone.

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