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no no no!
sony ericsson had exactly the same ads with other motivs of course but done in a really better way.

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instinctive tra...
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ummm. some ipod nano. does it have the pin at the top center? mine has it at the bottom right. sorry to burst the bubble.

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Scam Detector
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Who let Spanky out of his cage?

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Muy obvio **

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spanky dude, people like you are the reason people go to war. the reason why hatred will always rule over peace. maybe you should do the whole nazi thing all over again, you sure sound like one. and yeah about india, well i'm sure that one day you'll have to eat your words. and i'll be there to stuff it down your face.

p.s. all these critics who post their rude comments need to relax, it's only advertising, it won't save any lives today.

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Disco Munky
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What about ads for helmets?

I bet they save lives.


Doin' it for the points

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Pat Bijkerk
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Do they still sell iPod-mini's in India?!

Visit me at:

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Indians make good vindaloo, unlike the ad.

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spanky you my friend are a racist b*****d!!!!and stop talking about them like they are a land who just discovered electricity!!!

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spanky, you bug-dicked lamp post-fucking shit eating piss drinking rear end licking son of a biggot leftover from the holocaust, if you have anything called a spine (the thing that really makes you a man) then post your number or your address here. I will personally show you how an indian can beat the nazi shit out of your racist fucking ass. honestly dude, you must be one scared ugly piece of pigeon shit gutter turd, the only thing you can do is comment on someone else's work, let's see your work dude. post it if you're mom really didn't didn't hump the watchman and his son to get your born. see you in hell motherfucker.

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well i m with spanky not entirely though! unlike his racist shit which is infact not entirely racist.....
well indians they copy far too many things let alone all these things is to stop and to all of ya esp. madseason or whatever u r freakin name is i really think that u were born to a watchman or his son for that is really harsh thing to say and lets see how u feel when someone says the same thing back to ya !!!

peace folks!

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This sucks sooo much. Just so you know, silly art directors, if you were the agency for Apple, they'd leave immediately, because the iPod Nano has the plug for earphones below. Such details make this extremely silly and not appealing to people who really know the product.


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OMG I didn't realize it's not even a Nano it's a MINI (90's stuff).


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Good spotting 99.
PS: That Bollywood Thriller clip is sooo bad it's genius.

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FYI: I deleted Spanky's comment. It was off topic and offensive. No place for such stuff on AotW.