GMC Canyon: Better New

Underwear. Gum. Trucks. All things that are better new.

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Sean Davison
Art Director: Scott Couture
Copywriter: Gary Lennox
Photographer: Supplied Stock
Published: May 2010


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It's so strange + fresh for this category I like it. Except for "underwear," feels like you're playing off the cliched-to-death macho guys-guys stereotype that's too reflective of this category.

But at least you didn't hire Thomas Haden Church to say the phrase "sitting in your tighties" in your VO.

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3138 pencils

Sometimes I don´t like northamerican style.

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So, basically they're saying these trucks won't last very long.

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true !! like ur coment....

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