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Ney Frances
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is there life before death?

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this is what i call good production,

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Downloading a stock shot and highlighting some roads in it with PhotoShop?

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Not as good as the shots on the new Bloc Party album!

Plus, if GM really wants to cut road deaths shouldn't they be forcing us to slow down by making cars that only go slowly?

Why should I slow down when I've just bought a car that GM made that goes 180mph? Thames Water's recent campaign had a similar effect on me.

I kinda hate this big brother attitude, it's something that usually comes from central government.

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Ney Frances
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totally agreed, but aren´t we always selling lies????

is there life before death?

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lies, lies...I like to call them: A different perspective on the truth :)

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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lies lies nothing but lies :) welcome to the jungle baby

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crack kills too.

Arnold Santillan

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Another dead bady painted on the floor???????? I've seen like 17 in two weeks. ARE WE ALL AD PEOPLE DYING????????


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bad...very bad

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another let down ad from GM.
i'm going to go and sulk in my corner now.

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wow. why didn't they just underline, italicize & bold the copy while they're at it too?

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It's a nice blue. That's about the best that can be said about this ad.

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Slack. Idea doesn't match the problem - only vaguely. Surely there's a more compelling visual out there.

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ming the merciless
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"Hey look, that kinda looks like a person"

"Oh yeah! Let's turn it into a road safety ad!"

Please, don't...

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This is bad and the idea is weak. Try again LB.

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Where's the link???

not freedom like a shopping card

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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That's just crap! Then again what can you expect from an agency filled with politics and Lebs with an attitude
problem and who think they're French and better than the rest!!!

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