Glossa Language School: Cozy

Learn to understand better. In English, Cozy means Cozy. (But in Czech it means Tits)

Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Tereza Sverakova
Art Director: Pauline Kerleroux
Copywriters: Tereza Sverakova, Igor Paleta
Ilustrator: M. Velisek


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ek kanya
814 pencils

seen before idea, (book cover) but done beautifuulu. appreciate.

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yeah, idea's not that new, but i dig the execution big time, besides i love it that they explored the concept... great job, hands down.

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2764 pencils

super duper

they showed me a picture & i laughed
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Nice one. :) And nice style.


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ahahah good idea in using the different meanings!!

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good art!!

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4172 pencils

Forced idea.

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253 pencils

haha XD I love this, it's so green

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102 pencils

This is the best of the rest

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