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Charlie Pratt
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Funny, but Christian environmentalists (if they exist) will hate the tagline.


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hi rothko...
i like you...

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super calibara
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Kabooom ... super duper!

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maybe this is the first time that i see something powerful coming from italy!

| Everartz |

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But, why the assembly instruction?
abit to obvious in my taste.

Love the copy!

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i like the idea of the ark assembly instructions, but the copy sort of kills it for me.
was it necesary to mention the biblical proportions of the disaster?
the word ark by itself gives me that.
what do you people think?

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ming the merciless
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Totally agree. Stupid over-explanetry line ruins a nice simple idea.

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Global warming ads + instructions art direction = seen before

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darkside, sorry but as i see it you're talking about resources, not concepts... of course we've seen instructions arts, and oh yes we've seen global warming ads (lots of them); the joke is how to combine the "old" elements to form something new, isn't it?

personally i don't find these very convincing, or powerful. agree with rocket about the copy, too redundant (the visual is already telling the message, no need to reapeat it in the copy, it overkills the idea).

besides if it make us smile or laugh maybe it's wrong... we're talking about a big problem here that needs action inmediately, not sure if this ad would have such an impact on people.

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I must agree. Beware of people remembering only the punchline and not the product/cause - to misquote some famous ad guy: "You don't want people to say "wow - what a great ad' but 'wow - what a great product."

I think this one's kind of dull. Too obvious, too clever, little substance.

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Like your thinking.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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The biblical flood is a myth - not history. Get your facts politically correct :P. Boring ad.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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very good!, (but dont need any text, this text kills the great idea)

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please italian creative, quit advertising about global warming!
looks like a trend now in italy, to advertise about that!
please stop, try to do something good on your client.

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Agree with tantrik, it was not history.

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