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Is your worrying global enough? That line makes me feel woozy. I think i'm turning Japanese, I think i'm turning Japanese, I really think so.

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On a side note, did you know that the turning Japanese song is about masturbation?

Look up the lyrics and actually read them...very odd but hilarious when people sing it and don't know that insight.

"Creativity is seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought."

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there is always i say always something missing in the italian ads! dunno why! in this case we have a very cool visual associated with a non sense headline...

| Everartz |

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pooja gadodia
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i like it..this is what i call an effective ad campaign...which will surely makes an impact on viewers

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The photography is cool but like everartz is saying the header was not lined well to give it the finish with a lasting impression, I think less wording and a more direct approach would have done it and a clean font too with no back ground that has a gradient like that.

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Nice photo, that's it.
Maybe in the traslation something was missed.
Ehi Grey guys, can you post the italian traslation?
Just to understand.

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Sway Rose
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sorry....don't like it

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Weak wak weak. Schoolish.

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Pish poor, to many layers!

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I only got that ad after a few minutes of concentration (that's the first strike)
He's worried about the wrinkles around his eyes (second strike coz the cream pot is not that clear)
He's just worried about the things he sees in front of him, and doesn't see the damage on the back of his head (meaning the ones he doesn't see)...ahhhhhhhhh too much thinking!!!!!!!!!!! (third strike)
Bottom line is it's a bad ad!

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Okkay, I like clever ads.
And as clever ads go this one's really nicley shot, but thats just too much hard work to get all that from this one picture.


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Ugh. Seriously...go back and find an idea with emotion.

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great concept, great line (but i don't like the "face the problem...").
good visual, well executed, but a bit cold.

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Dry land has nothing to do with Global Warming. Or at least, it's not a familiar image with the idea with global warming. In one ad, it's ice melting, in another, it's water flooded the world, then the world freeze, then the world is really really, and now dry land... I mean, yes, if you would sit down and think really hard, you can relate them all as possible outcome of global warming. But this will confuse the audience, who are not stupid or anything, but come on, flooded world and dry land is really freaking different... like OPPOSITE. You can't just go, Global Warming = everything bad. You can't make a print ad with volcano erupting and say "stop global warming".

If you don't want the audience to think too hard, you have to find a way to communicate better.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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I really like the metaphore here, but the art direction could be better.

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I'm petitioning for an end to Global Warming ads!

No more!

That's it!


Unless someone can do something totally left field, completely new and compelling, we'd best stick to straightforward campaigns and leave the global-warming metaphors to their watery depths.

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Writing certainly is not global enough.


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Eh. Looks like he just has extremely dry skin and he's looking in the mirror trying to figure out what the hell happened. It doesn't speak Global Warming to me.

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its weird when u look at the guy couz his reflection is not completly the same

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