Global Environment Centre: Cars

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Creative Directors: Huang Ean-Hwa
Art Directors: Huang Ean-Hwa
Illustrator: Kam-Wei Fong
Copywriters: Huang Ean-Hwa

April 2008


lucas.zaiden's picture
93 pencils

Nice Ilustration...


krautland's picture
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this is kind of cute.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I'm really trying to like this ad, but my practical, strategic side of me won't let me. (...and that's a shame!)
First of all, it's the same ol' proposition we've been hearing for the last thirty years. "Turn off the engine and start walking for a change!" There's no spin. No twist. No nothing...
The whole tone, the language they used and that little fart joke at the end makes me believe this is targeted at some five-year-olds who can't even see over the dash.
Yeah, it's cute, sure. But it's next to impossible to just "charm" someone into abandoning their trusted SUVs and start "hoffing it."

tonicdose's picture
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I really like it. Good copy and Illustration. Only wish the text was more legible.

Copy_ranter's picture
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I'm sorry but the copy is horrible. The art direction is mediocre and the message is the same message. I have to agree with Jet Propulsion Lab. I wanna like it but it's just really weak.

a2o's picture
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Such a good topic... but what a waste...

Its not abt being cute... cause must understand targetted towards which section of population... (Its NOT for kids)

Lack of solid strategy in the first place...!

raverus's picture
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Never work, sorry.

strongbone's picture
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scam... McCann Erickson, Malaysia.

Guest's picture

it's makes me laugh..^_^

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