Global Call to Action Against Poverty: Sarkozy

Against Poverty Press the 8. Push G8 leaders to take action against poverty.

Advertising Agency: Grey Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Francesco Emiliani
Head of Art: Francesco Fallisi
Art Director: Letizia Bozzolini
Copywriter: Francesca Andriani
Illustrator: Paolo Rui
Art Buyer: Virginia Salvucci
Account Supervisor: Emanuela Carnaghi

June 2009


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missing a space in the copy: "Heads of state andgovernment..."

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missing a space in the copy:
"Heads of state andgovernment..."

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The copy could use some breaking up. It's a tad wordy in that first breath. Phew!

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i like it, however the typo shoudn't pass, but nice work

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i wish they made 8 ads for de g8 , not six ... otherwise publish just 3 with Obama, Sarkozy and Berlusconi which seem more known than the others

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Jakarta Jack

did something get lost in translation here? the copy looks a bit forced

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Dev Kumar
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Beats me how you could've selected it in the first place with a typo error of all things. This platform showcases some of the best works by people who work hard to create them and here you push in something with a glaring elementary error? It's unpardonable in this business mate. It appears you got overawed by the event more than the ad.

In terms of strategic direction, it's again a loser. None of the people showed in this campaign are in any position to do anything to combat even 1% of the poverty they're talking about. I'm from India and I see it everyday. I'm not ashamed to say that we account for more than half the poverty on planet earth. It's one hell of a challenge but we're dealing with it, on our own.

When you talk about poverty on the global stage you got to be talking to India and the others that are dealing with the monster. None of the people in this series of ads or their predecessors matter in this struggle. Honestly, they couldn't care less, especially today, when they're in neck-deep recession.

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I usually send ads with typos back for correction. Sorry I missed it here. I'm sure I'll get a corrected version asap.

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Here's a way to fight poverty: stop having 8 kids when you can barely afford one. Nice art direction, but a very naive and flawed strategic direction.

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Dev Kumar
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That's precisely why I said poverty-eradication isn't the west's business. If you're a typical westerner or a snobbish Indian expat based somewhere in the west, then I there's nothing more to say except that I sympathize with you. If you're from within India, then you should know that that it was a cheap crack...

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And what has the "east" done to help their own cause? Enlighten me please.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Dramma illustration. Here missed some positive think

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here we go again with the italians!!!!

| Everartz |

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Don't you think it should be more serious to stop with the clichés.

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Can we get past the fucking typo? A lot of these ads are written in their native language and then translated just for PR or entering in sites like this one. Header should read "press the 8 against poverty" not "against poverty press the 8", that sounds like Yoda. A lot of missed opportunities here: they failed to make the type look like it's actually pressing, instead they opted to slap the black type on top of the illustration. Too wordy; the header says it all IMHO. I like the illustration style and placement of tag, those two elements work great.

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Very interesting... check out the video taken from Mumbai india.. it will really shake you when you see the opulence next to the poverty.

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