January 2013

GLOBAL BRAND INSIGHT is a comprehensive professional journal with Brand Marketing, Market Information, Creative Works and other branding information. It targets the professional circles in business-oriented marketing, mass communication and creative advertising field. The series of ads promote the magazine through the typical characteristics of animals, reflecting the working condition of professionals in brand marketing, planning, and creative work field. It is an interesting way to connect and resonate with them, then attract them to browse, purchase and subscription this magazine.

After releasing this series of advertisement, the magazine's retail sales increased by 46% over the same period and subscriptions increased by 53%.

Branding, without repeating other people's ideas? Check out Global Brand Insight.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: ArchiveLi, SamSun
Art Directosr: WangYong, WangYiFei, HaoWei, LiGang
Copywriters: ShiRui, ZhangPei, RenJie, LaoTao
Illustrators: WangYong, WangYiFei, HaoWei

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Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
Activity Score 613

There must be some cultural gap.

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
Activity Score 613

There must be some cultural gap.

certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

really ugly and all over the place. too much going on

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Activity Score 8442

My eyes are bleeding, thank you.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Activity Score 115

It's ugly. Flat out ugly.

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