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Seems familiar. Don't know why. I should like it but I don't. It's okayish.

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Glass is invisible. SO?
Looks like a sequel to all those glass ads where the birds break their beaks. Nah.

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this idea smells like almost rotten.

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that's because it is familiar. helmets on animals have been over-used for helmet brands and glass cleaners.

done to death!

and it's a budgie not a parrot.

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another invisible glass? i don't like invisible glass at all
i hate myself banging on it

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There's one window cleaner, I don't know which one, that for years has had a video campaign of birds flying into invisible glass minus the helmet.

Boring concept anyway.

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How come a bird is flying frequently inside a house?

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Guest commenter

Suggesting the product cleans so well. Thats why the glass is invisible. Cant you see the comical side?!

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