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a little to powerfull, this product.
i would say.

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To me this is off strategy.

Its dramatizing something just not the product benefit. As far as I know the idea is its strong on dirt/bacteria. So the correlation between dirt and something that is clean and colorful like a work of art is lost...

I do like the way the ad looks, the simplicity of it though.

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En efecto. El producto sirve para limpiar vidrios. No para decolorarlo.
La exageracion del concepto se les fue de las manos.

La direccion de arte: Impecable. (aunque eso no quita que se puedan
notar algunos detalles del interior. Bueh, pueden ser pajazos mios).

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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San Pateste
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solo un buen retoque, puede que la idea sea buena , pero no será mucho?

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This happens when there`s no strategy behind the thinking.
Just a "weird" idea.
Bad thinking.
Bad benefit.
Bad idea.
Thumbs Down!

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Que? tiene clorox.

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Is it a stain remover too? If so, bloody choice ad that!

Fail Harder.

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Ahh, stain remover. Not that changes things.

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No stain remover.
If so, the should have added a line.

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Un vitral sin vidrios! porque no se me ocurrio antes!

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i really wanted to like this ad. but the prod. benefit is SO off.

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It's all I seem to say these days, sorry! But this has been done before, by Lowe Bull Calvert Pace Johannesburg, South Africa, for Windowlene (Johnson and johnson) in about 1999, exactly the same ad, but it was a long long while ago.

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Already seen. Nothing new. Duh.

Digital Integration Director of McCann Santiago

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How guilty will all those Chilean mummas feel now??!! :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Indeed, I like the way this ad looks, but all it is saying to me is that it seems that there is some acid or biting substance in there. I really dont want to use this product if it can burn the colour out of glass..

But the idea it is a cleaner that can clean glass to it's extreme is nicely found. (it is called stained glass)

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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I like it. Simple and effective.
I don't think any customer is stupid enough to think it'll take the colour out of stained glass. This is just simple product exaggeration. Glass cleaned to the extreme of absolute clarity.
I don't know why people have such a problem with products' effects being exaggerated - that how every second ad works.

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I like...

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I really like this, it should perhaps have a qualifying line but I like it loads.


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doesnt look like a powerful ad to me ... maybe it could have got good reviews if it was a part of a photographers work ..

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Wow..! that's strong

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yes, but it 's not new.

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has it been done before?

By whom?

For which brand?


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its a product thats been advertised to death, window cleaner so clean it turns a window see thru...bla bla bla..

but i like this one, its origional

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Which are these old adverts you are talking about?

I would love to see them.



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very good artdirection, not the same opinion for the idea...

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stain remover -> stained glass

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My art director has one that`s just the same, made like 5 years ago. Same problem -that`s why he never published it-: no benefit! You don`t want a glass cleaner that ruins your stuff. Out of strategy, in my opinion. (by the way, my art director`s also chilean. POW!)

Digital Integration Director of McCann Santiago

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nice concept and art direction. i'm sure some judges will get it but not the most targeted housewives. nice effeort though!

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This idea is on strategy. It removes stains. Hence stained glass window.

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