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just ok.

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But it´sn not somethig nwe.
Done before

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thanks for the links.. i was looking for them, anyway i dont see this campaign effective i feel the Creative department got the brief at 5pm and was requested to do a campaign before they leave the office at 5:30pm!

| everartz |

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This ideas has been executed in countless other permutations before.
Time to move on...

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I like this one the most from the campaign, because it's so hard to spot the reflection. Makes you work harder to get it.

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I love these.

I love the way they put the logo in a totally new way showing at the same time the real benefit of the product.

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Sway Rose
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i'm getting a nose-bleed while trying to understand what's going on here!

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dear creatives at Grey Stockholm, if you decide to do a "ghost" please do some research before... how about that!?
don't tell my mother i work in advertising, she thinks i play the piano in a whorehouse

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I like the cascade's ones... there is more an idea. but here, I dont see a reason for the reflect, why should my just washed dishes reflect the logo there... the others you could see the photographer, so it was even kind of funny.. but here.. nothing happens.

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What the?

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I first saw the other 2... OK, the product is near these objects and because they're all so shiny you can see the reflection. But is this a correct reflection, seeing the product 4 times at different hight? I just don't know...