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517 pencils

OMG, this campaign is a joke, isn't it? So bad i can't believe it!

Charlie Pratt's picture
Charlie Pratt
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Why would anyone want to sell to uncommon kids? Shouldn't you want to sell an uncommon product to common kids? Surely there's more sales in that direction.

Plus, these visuals are going to be haunting me in my dreams tonight. Great.


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Every parent thinks their kids are somewhat special.

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exactly, it points out and targets the parents ego. its nice in that aspect. "my son is an artist!" "my little baby, is a genious". They are amazed by everything.

But i think it lacs a little creative spin off. its a nice concept, but it could be taken quite further.

Also the art, altough correct, its somehow flat.

Me encanta ver laburo Rosarino! Denle para adelante!

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You should look more carefully to see who these Santa helpers are.
Uncommon stands for unusual, and that can't be always bad.
These guys are supposed to be Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Woody Allen, Mahatma Gandhi & John Lennon, and all of them got their kind of "uncommon" present, suited just for them.
I believe the visuals are successful, as they definitely remind them.
So after all this is a good concept. It all started from Giro Didactico. ;-)
No need to be so Harsh. It's not really a shame to say "I don't get it".

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yeah, I got the 'genious' part. so?
imho no one will read the name tags cause nothing is giving them any reward whatsoever to do that.

these remind me of a campaign few years ago where the guys put a visual of a snail on a hammer (no headline) with tiny bodycopy saying: if you're still looking for an idea, you must be working in advertising. so we have something special for you etc. etc.
in this series every single ad is a riddle as well. really too complicated for ordinary consumers. regardless of a concept.

Tincho's picture
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Agree. Its a nice idea, but is too complicated.

Maybe if the illustrations had more details, but I didnt get who were the helpers.

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

Aaaggh, vomitive.

thony troll's picture
thony troll
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trolly sucks

djakuza's picture
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the illustrations are so bad it's nearly impossible to recognize persons like albert einstein & co in these ads! bad art direction! sorry but again: this campaign sucks!

supersupergirl's picture
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if zed hadnt told me about who these guys are, i wouldnt have got in a million years... make that trillion... only an uncommon genius can guess that these illustrations are gandhi or einstien...

Zed how did you crack it?

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

aaaahahahhahaaaaa.... agree with you and kateter...

Zed's picture
178 pencils

I do agree about the looks of this campaign. The art direction could be alot better. I guess it's that usual thing of adding red and green to make it look xmas. And the logo does look bad. But it did come at once to me who these ppl are and that's why I call the illustrations successful. I don't believe you have to look at the tabs, and I would prefer them not to be there. Maybe the idea is somehow complicated, but it works for me.

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4 pencils

buenísima la campaña, gente de rosario.

And charlie pratt, you are a morron


Rog's picture
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Attack of the 60 foot logo!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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953 pencils

Uncommon toys for kids with super-intelligent parents!

~~this paranoid survived!~~

melocoton's picture
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Me quedo con los dibujos, todo lo demás no está bien logrado

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