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These are pretty nice, but for me the solutions to this year's YG open brief were a little disappointing.

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we all know girls shit alot, hows that comparing it with chicken being tortured?
Girls have got to shit and humans have to eat. Thats reality.

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you really dont understand this???????

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is the target audience 11 year old boys? or is the cd an 11 y o boy?
and what a boring art direction. this is so cold it wouldn't trigger any emotions

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this is very stupid.

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it's a classic move to use an image/headline with shock value, but for the ad to work it:

1. should tie back to the point of the ad
2. shouldn't be stupid

nice art direction. lazy copywriting.

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Does it mean that I can continue killing chicken anyway i like if i accept that i swim in pee, women poo alot, my parents do it and that chicken have cognitive abilities better than dogs and cats? It just tells me not to block the thought. Doesn't tell me what i can/ should do to help.

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Its in the name of awareness. The ad shouldnt have to spell everything out for you. If you stop eating chicken because youre aware of the cruelties, then job done.

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Granted your point that it's an awareness campaign. But still, the comparisons drawn should be something that is has more impact. Like you said, it should be information that if i become aware of, i might or should stop doing something - even if the ad doesn't spell it out. But how many people still swim in the pool, knowing that there is pee? Or stop seeing a girl cos she poos alot? So why should i feel for the tasty Original KFCs if i know they are treated cruelly? If the examples were much stronger, i take your point. But now, it's just too weak.

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these are this year's YG winner?

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drunk dave
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It's nothing like you've seen before. I actually read it. To change people's behaviour is exceptionally hard, but if they read these facts, you've done half the job. I say well done, but looks like I'm in the minority.

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I gotta admit, the KFC spoof works best for me...

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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Interesting thought, but could have done much more with the material. The 'chickens are as smart as cats and dogs' angle is probably the least compelling, yet it's upfront in all three executions. Likewise, the art direction hardly grabs your attention or makes you feel anything for these poor creatures. They look like something you'd find at Granny Mays. The ad that was runner-up this year is so much more powerful and relevant, imho.

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Are they trying to say that only guys eat chicken? How irrational can you get?

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