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Dalbir Singh
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Blonde Caucasian woman for an ad targetted at Indians?

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I like the art, maybe there are some problems in shadows, but Its ok.

Its too literal. OK for everyday Ad.

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I guess the point of the ad is to imply that middle-aged business men/women (+ clerks) have miserable lives from which they need to escape into a virtual reality where they can uncover their real selves? In other words: "we know your life is miserable, come here and pretend to be someone else".

Even so, although indeed, the vast majority of the wealthier Indian society consists of non-Indians, isn't it inconsiderate to not even include one ad in the series with a genuine Indian? Disregarding a significant share of your target group is not really wise.

"I plead contemporary insanity"

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Not bad. But doesn't exite either!

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type treatment is very obtrusive.

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Tha fat b**** ate ma dawter an' I know yits tru!

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This ad won't be running in the local media. Just for Ad sites and creativity contests.

~~this paranoid survives!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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chintan ruparel
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incorrect. i've seen 2 of these myself in the local newspapers (full page ads if im not wrong)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Encouraging people to hide their true identities on the net? Man, total genius... round of applause, everyone... even you paedophiles hiding out there in the back

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chintan ruparel
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are you illiterate or something? don't you get the idea? its just saying that no matter what age or kind you are, just log on to the mentioned website and open up, be your (childlike/funny) self!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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nice retouuhing. i done b4 tho

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duende azul??