Girl, 3

When you slept with her / When you get out of jail
A new law prohibits Singaporeans from engaging in child prostitution while overseas. Pay for sex with someone under 18 and you will be prosecuted upon returning to Singapore.

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Asia-Pacific, Singapore
Creative Director: Todd Waldron
Art Directors: Ross Ventress, Ian Perkins
Copywriters: Todd Waldron, Marthinus Strydom
Photographer: Yang Tang
Production House: Groovy Studio
Retoucher: Lay Leng / Procolor Imaging
Agency Producer: Xenia Tan

January 2008


soojay's picture
35 pencils

Powerful. Simple. I think it does the job well.

gargamelord's picture
32 pencils

For a student project.

vwray81's picture
256 pencils

I don't like these ads. This should have nothing to do with how pretty or how ugly and old the person you slept with looks like. It confuses the message.

jingwei's picture
150 pencils

I like the idea, but the art direction drags it down abit I think, I couldn't tell they were supposed to be the same person. left me confused.

panasit's picture
687 pencils

I think this aims at the idea that pedophile only care about the age and not the person. And that when the child gets older, they would lost interest. So is it worth it? Something like that.

That said, these ads sucks.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

vurtomatic's picture
364 pencils

A paedophile couldn't care less if some girl he did aged while he did time. Maybe if the girl in the visual is HIS daughter and he's missed out on her growing up because he was a dirty old man.

hayman's picture
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The ad is saying that if caught, you'll spend a long time in don't do it 'cos you'll spend many years behind bars.

Guest's picture

just says to me "had a great time when she was young... IF I get caugh - remind me not to call her when I get out" It could be clever - if it wasnt so flawed

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