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I've got an idea for a water ad.
Really, which brand?
Er, any?

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Oooh! Another visual pun. Wow! I am so blessed.

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This is strange idea. Cactus is well known plant that DO NOT NEED lot of water. English is not my first, maybe someone will explain to me kind of idiom, which i cannot find in this, but sorry, this is so exaggerated and nonsense that i cannot like it. Well photo though. Cannot be said about the post production.

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good point. your english is fine.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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The phrase you're referring to is "she's got cacti, and she knows how to use them." - ZZ Top

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huh! :)

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Initially when i saw this ad, i thought "umm hair dehydration?" But then, EHHHH!Wrong...the poor lady is thirsty...EHHH! Wrong again! Oh wait a minute. Her feet must be thirsty...oh my goodness...EEEEEH Wrong again. Her feet can survive without water for a long-long time. "maybe" but what does that say about the product? Sorry, no cigar! OR did i miss something?

Now... inspire me!

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Yeah, you didn't had your dose of Tipperary Water...

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i thought the same thing,,the ad brings way to much attention to her hair, thats the focul point, thats where she's looking, thats where the most movement is. bad art direction, stupid idea

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Ed Mintone
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I don't think she needs water. A lady Gillette on the other hand...

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creativity its not be funny or create unusual things, its how u can create AN IDEA!

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I like this. A good strategy. No one ever associates water with cosmetics - it's more health, fitness. Good job, glad its not a hair ad.

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Why only her foot or his arm that change to cactus?
if he /she have been dehidration enough they should change
they body with cactus..
btw it's a good ad one
sorry for my terrible english..indonesian :)

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The poor woman looks to engrossed by her hair to bother with something as 'frivolous' as dehydration. Atleast the earlier guy looked concerned or actually aware

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Wait is that ingrowth? I say, shaving isnt the best way to smooth limbs

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no, i will not have sex with you. but i appreciate the offer.

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maybe she needs the body lotion

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Does this ad really require such an extensive debate?

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who's debating? we all agree it's crap. we're just flinging rotten vegetables at it.

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euclid the gree...
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Amazing, is it dry hair (shampoo water), is it for the legs (water shaving solution) or is it just the water?

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Hm, I'm working in Tipperay water... Can I do some advertisement? I thing it will be much better...

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