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Maybe dog > greasemonkey but my money is on the bear and the grim reaper.

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there's no promise that dog will win. just that he would protect you and stand betwen you and the danger (which is true). but target is a mystery to me.

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still this is another nice work from bra zil!!

| everartz |

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when there are no lines these ads just seem to shine... wonder why copywriting is so bad and generic in Brazil nowadays.

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Sorry, but if you say that Brazilian copywriting is bad,
you don't know Brazilian copywriting.

Cannes is not the reference anymore.

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I'd like to think I know a little, sendo brasileiro e seguindo o trabalho das melhores agencias semanalmente...

Posso nao ver os anuncios nas revistas ou outdoors diariamente, mas a maioria dos anuncios que eu vejo tem redacao bem fraquinha... Ainda mais quando se traduz pro ingles...

I may not see brazilian ads on a daily basis, but the majority of the ads I see have really lame copywriting... especially when translated to english...

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I like it, very clever and above all it is true.
I love the illustration, very good.

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ad crazy 2

what a pedestrian illu and idea... ugh!

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James Cole

Nice ad...

I think the target is children. They (agency) use illustration (good job!) for execution. The copy tell me who's the ad target. When her friend leave her, guest whose the last dog standing? Even there are no promise the dog will win, at least the girl still have the dog to accompany her. Nice job, Bro!!!

Sorry, bad English...


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Very clear, great illustration!

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i like the visuals n the copy!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *