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same idea repeated three times just to make it a campaign.
you cant extend a campaign like this. this way there will be 1376 ads with different animals.
why are people so desperate?
can't there be one off ads???

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I'm all for one offs because the perfect idea is only needed to be conveyed once. If you turn it into a campaign then the brilliance of the concept is laboured and impact less memorable. I have the Bic infinity ad in mind. I'm not saying this is one of them though.

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i do agree. however this is probably the long stay kind of ad/poster. therefore varying them will stop people from getting fed up with the same visual over time.

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Exaaaaaaactly! On another note - the giraffe is the best, as you actually see its nose press up against the glass.

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Yes! i agree tat, the giraffe is the best! good job !

William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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i don't think the headline is needed.

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Closest one. real great idea.

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