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I like that campaign! it's got style that fits the topic

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its done many times

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dew drops
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great ad

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its really done many times. we did it for toyota sponsorship back in 2002

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I really like the Air bag version. Nice an subtle, the art direction draws you in, and the reveal is a nice reward for looking. Visual and line work great together.
The other two don't capture the same elegance. Seen thoses solutions done MANY times. It's what you would expect to see.

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Like the line, 'Most intense...'
Smashed keys, keys covered in sweat or blood, anything but car parts. Unless this whatever it was was sponsored by an auto brand, could be mistaken for car ads. Can't read the sucker, wonder whats on telly.

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Precisely what I was going to say. These ads have gone in the wrong direction completely.

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sameh haggag

veeeeryy good ... this what i call it advertising

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god knows how happy you are when u see better work ,thats ok. think positive.

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Nice shot!

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