Giffarine Choline B: Car key

Remember where it was last?

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Vasan Wangpaitoon
Art Directors: Natee Likitsuwankool, Vasan Wangpaitoon
Copywriters: Juntiga Nasunee, Walita Jamornjureekul
Illustrators: Illusion Bangkok - Surachai Puthikalangkura
Photographer: Illusion Bangkok - Srimongkhol Pajonkeaw
Published: November 2006


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I'm not sure I get it. I did an internet search on Giffarine Choline, and it's some kind of memory supplement. But why are there keys all over the place? These are all the places that you've left your keys in the past? In that case, shouldn't the copy be without a question mark?

Just askin'.

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It demonstrates all the different possibilities the keys can be located. Maybe this ad requires a certain way of thinking. I got it right away and it felt good. :)

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And THAT is THE feeling/moment we ad creators are all gunning for!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Joseph Campbell
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I agree. It should be a statement, not a question. Also, aren't the keys a little easy to find? Seems all you would have to do is walk into the room and glance around to find them. These would be better if you showed one set of keys in a peculiar place, like the refrigerator or inside the medicine cabinet. Don't think you really have to remember that hard to find them on the edge of the couch.


I've decided I lack certain enzymes.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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Spot on JC.

What kind of idiot can't see their keys right in front of them?

Forced and flawed.

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Hang on, Hangman & JC.
Look at it again.
Instead of leaving/losing that bloody set of keys somewhere...
with a better memory, we will find them wherever they are...
i.e. everywhere!

Sorry, bros. This is great.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Okay, I'm happy that you and Ivan got a lot from this ad, that's cool, whatever honks your hooter.

But, it is just too weird for me, the keys are not lost. I can't get past it - they are right there in front of you.

It's an ad for memory not eyesight.

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Thiago Aranha
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I think what the ad is trying to say is that if you take the "memory drug" you won't waste you're time looking for the key in a bunch of places, you go straight to were you left them... can anyone fllow my thinking? lol

I think the ad is illustrating the vision of a guy who is not "on" the product... so when he looks to the room he thinks in ton of places where he could've left the key...

At least, when I read "Remember where it was last?" and in the picture the key is everywhere, to me, it says "No, I don't remember, it could be anywhere. On the couch, kitchen, table, etc..." Then, if I use the product all the keys in the picture would disappear, leaving just one. Then I would say "Ok, now I remember. It was in the couch", for example.

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sweet, a product that will clone my stuff. the future is now!

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happens to me all the time!

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This is great thinking.
Instead of NOT finding those keys... they are everywhere!
Pure, simple, flipping brilliant thought/insight...
right there... under all our noses... all along!
I love advertising again.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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*sniff* very nice.

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help please.... I'm not familiar with this drug but if it does what I've read from your posts it does, then shouldn't it be a prescription drug and hence not advertised this way?

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I can't remember.
I'll have to go and find my comments.
They're here... somewhere. :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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bravo! great job guys...

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great !!

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nery nice ad, it always appens to me...

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me thinks
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Simple and clear.

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simple and well crafted. bravo!

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This is ok.

A bit geeky but it works at least.

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Once Nancy finally found her keys, went outside to start the car, she remembered that she drove it into the pool last night due to a brain hemorrhage she got from taking her memory drugs. Silly Nancy.
Will someone please answer that damned phone? The incessant ringing is driving me nuts.

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