Giacometti Comunicação: #giacomettirhythm, 1

They asked him for proof of residence. He gave the agency’s electricity bill.
It wasn’t for nothing that we won the award for best agency of the year in APP Markmidia, with 7 golds, 4 silvers and 2 bronze. Our rhythm is different. We work more, we strive more, we get more involved. We do more for our clients. We do more for our job. We do more for ourselves. We feel the consequences in our skin. But you know what? We are crazy about what we do.

Advertising Agency: Giacometti Comunicação, Londrina, Brazil
Creative Director / Art Director: Michael Altomani
Copywriter: Rodolfo Rocha
Published: November 2013


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Luis XIV
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Stupid! Only a bad professional has to work till late to make a good job.

Le publicité c'est moi

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Luis XIV
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Yes, we have to work hard, but we also have to go to to the museum, drink with friends... see and live the life.

Le publicité c'est moi

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Mr. The Bear
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Greeks work more hours per week than germans but they are less competitive and productive, because quantity isn't the same as quality. Also, a good professional must live in the real world, see and experience new things. Finally, just because an agency wins more awards than others, it doesn't mean they work more, they strive more, they get more involved or do more for the clients. It's many awards are out there to win?

Bear It

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