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for an award winning agency, this is pretty tacky. Advice: Get to know your audience and their insights.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Ahhh, the voice of a true advertising professional.
I totally agree with you.

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I like the art direction tho...dreamy.


Not all who wander are lost.

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those people havent done any research whatsoever. Nthing in this campaign would make me want to go and eat at the restaurant

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wow. this is utterly offensive campaign.

hope this ad isn't running in the states. if it is, they should be expecting some calls soon.

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I am sure some people in the mid east will find this offensive.

Funny thing is the same guys did this: http://www.coloribus.com/paedia/prints/2008/2/8/198014/

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why is "than two" called out? shouldnt it be "than two falafels" atleast? same thing with on the first one, reads choppy

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One execution is pro-women, this one is anti-women. Gratuitous, easy, cop-put ads. I don't even know what message they're trying to get across. Offensive works if it WORKS to further the product, but the whole reason for the ad (to promote a restaurant) is completely lost in here.

Can we please stop making ads to win awards and get back to advertising the benefits????

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People should lighten up a bit. This one's kind of funny. I actually like the idea, but I agree that the other two draw the line a bit and are offensive. Also the other two should have made fun of other aspects of Middle Eastern culture, rather than make all 3 about women. Nice concept, bad execution.


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