September 2010

Print advertisment created by Leiaute, Brazil for GGB, within the category: Professional Services.

It's possible continue this history. Adoption is also gay rights.

Advertising Agency: Leiaute Propaganda, Salvador, Brazil
Art Directors: Davi Voss, Victor Azevedo
Copywriter: Cauê Lopes

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Jaap Grolleman
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I think one of the guys in question looks like a girl here.

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They are actually two girls.

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I like this campaign too. Visuals are nice, message is clear.

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The copy is badly translated, but the idea that gays should be allowed to adopt is clear.

However, the device of a family tree has been done a billion times before...

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Adopting an already born child does not mean more reproduction, per definition. Thus the message is fake IMO.

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It's looks like the Young Cannes 2010 from Peru.

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One logical argument against same-sex marriage is that without procreation the
species would cease to exist. Gay rights groups claim this is a logical fallacy
since it is ludicrous to think that same-sex couples would ever dominate the
planet to that extent. Since gays represent less than 3% of the population, that
leaves 97% of us to carry on the species, which means it's unlikely that the
extinction scenario would ever happen--or so the argument goes. However, you can
test how good something is for a society if you reverse the ratios. If there
were 3% of the population left to procreate, and 97% were same-sex couples,
extinction would be not only realistic but almost inevitable. The family tree
itself is a symbol of procreation, a human right that same-sex couples freely
deny themselves. But the family trees in the ads stop abruptly, sending the
clear message that same-sex unions lead to extinction. It literally proves the
extinction logic. Yet what these ads do is turn this argument on its head and
say that because same-sex couples are incapable of procreation, they must be
given the right to adopt our children. Otherwise, they would be denied the
right to have a family and their "lineage" would cease to exist. Bold, to say
the least. A study in Developmental Psychology (done by a researcher who is also
a gay rights activist), found that children of lesbian and gay parents are much
more likely to become homosexual in their adult life, at a rate four times
higher than children of heterosexual parents. This finding is applauded by the
researcher and the gay community. Why? Because most homosexuals believe
homosexuality is a positive lifestyle choice. Of course, as this trend continues
and more children are adopted by same-sex couples, there will be greater numbers
of children joining the homosexual population. Will that 3% of the population
someday reach 97%? ;-)

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Ha! An idea to chew on!

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