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I like these, good connection between every day life's surroundings and clothes / classical music. But why all this makeup?
Is she really playing the piano? Must be small then, like the Snoopy one. Btw, the expression on the dog's face is cool.

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I don't get these at all.

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it's either a bad translation or a bad idea. or both.

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Que desperdicio de modelos, locaciones, fotografo,
retoque etc. todo un presupuesto para una idea pobre.
Hay que pensar más y ser mejores críticos de nuestro

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Too bad you dont speak english...I say that all the time and ppl take it badly ;/

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thanks for your detailed criticism ;-) - i didn't catch all the words, but overall you said this campaign is wastage and miserable. Do you like my dog?

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I am sorry man...i really dont like this work.But I really love your dog. it is well prodcued to say something good about it...but to me this is just another ad....I get it perfectly the idea is cristal clear to me.

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anybody knows the "air guitar" - this campaign is inspired by to play the air guitar for classical instruments. all these motives reflect the passion of young musicians, who forgotten the world around whether they are in a laundry or a toilet or whatever. i wanted to break the cliché that musicians who plays classical music are conservative and narrow-minded. but normaly you see pictures from young musicians always well-dressed in black clothes in a concert situation. in german there is a better word for narrow-minded - "spießig".
the only line you have to understand is "YOUTH ORCHESTRA CYCLE". Gewandhaus zu Leipzig is a proper name - Gewandhaus = concert hall.

the dog belongs to me - LUCA.

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i love this campaign...the pictures hv a great feel too. And i love your dog, Luca : )

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we love you ;-)

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looks more like an awareness campaign against drug abuse among children.

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its more for drugs than against.

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Very nice.

Thanks for the explanation, brother!

And yeeeesss, your dog is truly cute!!! :D

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Nice campaign, good execution.

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