Getty Images: Ali

We have 7,267 photos of Muhammad Ali.
Please, stop using this one.
Getty Images

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Marcello Serpa
Executive Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Creative Directors: Luiz Sanches, Marcos Medeiros, Andre Kassu, Renato Simões
Art Directors: Guiga Giacomo, Marcos Kotlhar
Copywriter: Ricardo Wolff
Image: Getty Images


certaintly's picture
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doesnt work for me.

mostly because it's just not creative (unless there's some reference im missing, because honestly i dont recognize the photo - and even that in itself would make this a bad ad since it's referring to an overly used photo)

also doesnt work because theyre using the photo when telling people not to use it.

Emanresu's picture
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You have never seen this photo before? Do you live in the U.S.?

TheSmirkingFox's picture
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"also doesnt work because theyre using the photo when telling people not to use it."

Oh Gods, please tell me you don't work in advertising.

dsklan's picture
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but thats exactly the point...

certaintly's picture
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i love when people insult instead of actually providing an argument.
They're using a visual recourse, the same visual recourse theyre telling other people not to use in their ads. that's just dumb and as lazy as all the other people who are using this 'overused' visual recourse.

what it needs is something creative, some kind of twist. like say maybe it's ali that's knocked out in the picture? that way the message is ingrained into the recourse and it's no longer just a cheap, lazy trick.

you might think this is a powerful ad just because it looks right. it's in black and white, it's a powerful, iconic photo, and it has a short, well placed message.

mr.x's picture
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The second line is the twist.

certaintly's picture
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because theyre using the image theyre telling others not to use? it may be a twist, but it doesnt say anything.

if ali was knocked out or maybe his arms were dropped down and his face drained, it would say something like ¨people overused this image so much it´s lost its impact¨
just thinking out loud here, but at least that says something. what does using an image and then telling people not to use it say?

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Your idea would be a good ad for Adobe Photoshop, because the message would be different, you'd be promoting retouching skills with a well known photo. The message here is that they have a lot of photos of Ali. And they've added a smart and funny little twist. The target group are us creatives, and therefore I think it hits the spot just right.

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This is a great ad. Why? Because the audience who uses Getty Images gets it. Photo editors, art buyers, designers and other editors are already thinking about the next time they need a picture of Muhammed. And this image is iconic and used all the time. The fact that you haven't seen it is a little odd, and more than likely you have simply forgotten about it.

You're idea to photoshop the image? The biggest buyers from Getty are newspapers and magazines. Guess what the number one thing that will get you fired in photojournalism is?

Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it is a bad ad, it means you're not the reason this ad exists.

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"Photo editors, art buyers, designers and other editors are already thinking about the next time they need a picture of Muhammed. And this image is iconic and used all the time."
so why stop using it?
it's iconic for a reason.

this is lazy creative.

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Smart! :)

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Bill B
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I like it. Very well used the resource.

wave's picture
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well sure, this picture must only use the AlmapBBDO, say 400 times?? this is not advertising!!!

Owolawi's picture
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Awesome on all counts...applauding like a crazy monkey!

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it doesnt seems like you al hav 7267 pictures of Muhammad Ali. L A M E.

Alfred Lover's picture
Alfred Lover
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Yeah. Ad is fake

Ndiazfuentes's picture
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Actually, it isn't fake. I assume you don't use Getty much. Public personas don't usually allow images of themselves to be used for commercial purposes unless you pay huge licensing fees. Hence, pictures of these people are released under editorial licenses, which can be used by news publications. If you tick the editorial box, you will find there are 8,076 results. I suppose about 1000 of those are other people at Ali events or the Ali mosque. As internet-dweller might say: "Lrn 2 Getty".

Seriously, though, it worries me that professionals in the advertising realm don't know about image licensing. Tread carefully, guys.

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I like the concept.

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Love it.

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This totally work for me. Super smart.

Mr.Yoda's picture
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It's good, but seems like the first idea they had

alex razzaghi's picture
alex razzaghi
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So good

alex razzaghi's picture
alex razzaghi
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I want more. It better not be one good one and a couple of whatevers.

emiliodisi's picture
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simple y directa, esta bien. me gusta

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It's clever. It may be a first thought, but I guess that's the point, we always go to the obvious because people will recognise it. Although in advertising if we want people to get it in 3 seconds aren't we drawn towards the cliche? If we choose something less well known will people get the idea? Or is that the idea, to get people to realise it's something they know without realising ...

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