Get Lost in Indonesia: Cuisine

Hundred local cuisine. Thousands discoveries.

Get Lost in Indonesia is the 1st user generated tourism promotion in Indonesia. It helps citizen to promote their own town or cities or just share their travel experience with everyone. This ad is 2 of 3 series, created by a Lostener (follower/member/fans of the Get Lost in Indonesia). This piece talks about cuisine, which Indonesia has more than 400 different kind of food and beverages.

Advertising Agency: Ideate, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director: Rayan Muktiaki
Art Director: Ibnu Zakharias
Illustrator: Taufiq Muhammad
Published: April 2011


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166 pencils

I certainly got lost... not by the ad but the logo... took me a moment to read it... I like the ad, it conveys the idea nicely, but the logo is too confusing

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34556 pencils

nice ad.

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Hammad S
492 pencils

I see TInTin! Funny ad

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Nicolas 123
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it is on paper, and i see captain haddock!

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

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sip, maju terus kreatifitas indonesia .... kartun yang jenaka dan ilustrasi yang unik.

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jup 70
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Fine. Would have been better if created in landscape format.

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I'm lost. Like the illustration :)

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