NastyJester's picture
744 pencils

He saw the girl and his pants became a big sticky mess. Happens to us all.

ODoyle's picture
260 pencils

Yeah he really junked heavy on this chick.

superonesunday's picture
28 pencils

gold cannes 555+++

Guest's picture

it's a copy/paste of perrier!

ivan's picture

It's very similar, but totally different message:

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

Guest's picture

Both in April 2009...it smells the picture seen on the web or something.

Punch's picture
614 pencils

Es verdad, lo que dice Ivan. Perrier te ofrece rehidratación para no derretirte por el calor. Mientras que esta opción te dice "vas a derretirte". El concepto estratégico no es nada del otro mundo. Pero la dirección de arte, donde debería lucirse el concepto deja mucho que desear. Las prendas no tienen un diseño y las chicas tampoco son provocadoras. Me parece que la campaña tiene un problema de ejecución más que de estrategia.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
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Dali advertising ??

Guest's picture

Don't dilly Dali on the way...

Guest's picture

I don't get it...

P.S. Jon-Paul your photos are epic!

Davosk's picture
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What's with all the melting things in ads at the moment? Is there a new 'melt' filter plugin in photoshop now?

Guest's picture

perrier ad from last week looked the same. Yes it was another idea, but still... And the art direction could have been better, melting looks too fake.

just write's picture
just write
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This is no good... at all...

Guest's picture

likely only works if selling to tweens.

elfede's picture
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El arte es lo único que levanta a la idea.

Guest's picture

Melting. How original

ADcoke's picture
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Sólo se derriten mis ganas de seguir viendo esta pagina.

proverbialthought's picture
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Melting concept is far from new, and I have seen far better applications and artwok; but still pretty cool. I bet it is VERY effective for not just tweens, but also single, club-hopping, professional women in their 30s and 40s.

cebado's picture
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me parece mala del todo, la dire de arte no me gusta, y la idea esta usada ya :S

warreno's picture
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Huh. With this series of ads, Germe looks poised to go into partnership with Viagra next.

mrckais's picture
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cierto, se ve muy falsa la imagen, la ejecucion pudo ser mejor


Guest's picture

Besides Dali - who really doesnt belong ina conversation about ad´s - it´s been done before for some softdrink in america. But Ogilvy Paris did it just so much better - they certainly deserve the gold lion. Not this rather dull promise.

AXAY555's picture
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it looks like the guy is lokking at his own feet

mauroxxx's picture
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The art direction its kind of weak, the illumination on the girl is not the same as the illumination on the guy...and the guy is not even looking to the girl

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