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February 2007

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, Germany for German Foundation for Monument Protection, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Germany's historic monuments need help. Donations: Account No. 30 55555

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Germany
Creative Directors: Simon Oppmann, Peter Roemmelt
Copywriter: Peter Roemmelt
Art Director: Simon Oppmann
Photographer: Hana Kostreba
Photo Editors: Hana Kostreba, Robin Ebener

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imke's picture
Activity Score 472

Its great

"Idea never die"

Green_Hornet's picture
Activity Score 55

Has been done before!
e.g. by for "Der kleine Nazareno" in a more beautiful way. This looks like a student ad!

truecopy's picture
Activity Score 399

Simple and it works...good one.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

Ney Frances's picture
Ney Frances
Activity Score 660

fair enough! 7/10

is there life before death?

Nthngmn's picture
Activity Score 626

Always liked these. beautiful and easy

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516

ah..these are hitting the right 'note' ;)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

rRoll's picture
Activity Score 10

hi there, i´m new here... well... the campaign is fine, i like it

Minimum's picture
Activity Score 1490

I for one find it a bit arrogant for them to suggest that every image on our bills here in Europe are buildings from Germany... theyre not.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

Sick-of-adS's picture
Activity Score 250

wow... its advertising man.. what u talking about.. wierd thoughts u got!

Ney Frances's picture
Ney Frances
Activity Score 660

each country has it´s own bills, isn´t it?

is there life before death?

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

the bills are the same in every eurozone country. they show examples of european architecture. these buildings do not exist, they just represent the various artistic periods in europe.

@Minimum: i know what you mean but.. these ads run in germany and they're supposed to make germans donate for their historical buildings. as the euro is the common currency in germany i think it's just appropriate to use the euro bills. i don't think this is about arrogance.

i love these ads, great work by o&m.

Ney Frances's picture
Ney Frances
Activity Score 660

thank´s mate!

is there life before death?

Endeio's picture
Activity Score 270

This is good. 8/10

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6082

Not familiar with Dueschemarks (or how it's spelt!)

... but get the jist.

Not bad, but does it make me want to help?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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me thinks
Activity Score 722

Yes, it does motivate me to help them but I'm not german.

Great work, fellas.

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Activity Score 1052

It's Euro.

Nice and it won quite a few awards.

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Dick Huges
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Bronze Lion in 2004.

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Global Cheese
Activity Score 80

Global Cheese

hee hee