German Foundation for Monument Protection: Bank note, 2

Germany's historic monuments need help. Donations: Account No. 30 55555

Agency: Ogilvy & Mathe, Germanyr
Creative Directors: Simon Oppmann, Peter Roemmelt
Copywriter: Peter Roemmelt
Art Director: Simon Oppmann
Photographer: Hana Kostreba
Photo Editors: Hana Kostreba, Robin Ebener


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Seen before.
I´m kind of tired of this idea where a stamp/sticker/bill is completing the photo.
Maybe the creative team has not seen, so I´m not judging them, but I saw a lot of these ideas...

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Radoslav Minchev
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Show me the money :))) It works for sure

not freedom like a shopping card

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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this is a direct ripoff from the brazillian stamp campaign from a few years back.

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exactly...4 or 5 years ago.
Saw a couple more of these same ideas in Luerzers Archive

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me thinks
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Here’s what I call …fabtastic

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