George's Trains: Plywood

Let your imagination ride.

Advertising Agency: The Brainstorm Group, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Dorothy Mcmillan
Art Director: Kevin Buist
Copywriter: Brahm Finklestien
Published: March 2009


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i don't get it at all.

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me too

"just commenting to gather points i love free drinks"

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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So much for Canada's rep.

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The art direction isn't great. The drop shadow is painful to look at.

It's a tabletop model train, and imagination makes it real? There's got to be a better way to demonstrate that, and besides, all model train manufacturers could say the same. It should be specific to George's-brand trains. Miniatures are such a niche, it's not likely that anyone will take up the hobby based on an ad (unless the ad makes painstaking hours of solitary labour look good) and so this brand is trying to increase its market share over competitors. A USP distinguishing George's from its competitors would be useful. Otherwise, I might see the ad, decide to start a tiny locomotive route, go to the store, and buy a competitor's product because I haven't been convinced George's is any different.

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I'm imagining the gay steel industry.

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Are these for miniature train?

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Gay Pin-up poster ??

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It took me forever to figure out what l this was. They guy looking at guy with his shirt off is distracting, why isn't it just a picture of a train like the other two? Also the light bulb one is a strange, who has a hanging light bulb in their house? The best one is the socket one because I get it right away.

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gay porn. sucks!!!

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