puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

Nice art direction!!! But as an advertiser, I wouldn't want to associate my product with these bunch of a**holes!

andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
937 pencils

let's just say I liked it the first time I've seen it.
done in something like the 60's by Ogilvy (actually, it's even been in his book On Advertising).
but it was more tongue in cheek: how did pres. roosevelt sleep at night after sending oh so many thousands of soldiers off to war? (and the point was, roosevelt really did sleep in the advertiser's bed).

AdArena: Sex Sells

Get-a-Fix's picture
351 pencils

If this during some time back Im sure it wud hav been Hitler n maybe even Jack the Ripper!

For fucks sake...

Im loosin my sleep here!

k-rocka's picture
426 pencils

Man, if anything we have to applaud the client (if said client exists) for having balls of steel.

Yokel's picture
604 pencils

Haha! Love the speech bubble!

ccsman04's picture
165 pencils

WOW...LOOK, HOW AMAZING, ANOTHER ad slamming the president of the United States. I see now that i WASTED FOUR FU**ING years in School busting my ASS learning how to be CREATIVE, when all I really had to do was find a picture of George Bush (apparently the most evil human being to ever walk the planet) make fun of him or liken him to someone else who is evil, aka Hitler, and WHAMMY, I have an amazing AWARD WINNING ad. HOLY FU**ING SHITE!!!! I am writing a book on how to be a successful advertiser and collect all of the derogatory advertising using GW in it and I'll be RICH BITCH!!! So, lets see, "EVIL" = "Good Nights Sleep". I know I would want MY product associated with something like that. If your going to make a political ad, well, make one. How many more FU**ING times do you IDIOTIC "ART DIRECTORS" going to keep making PATHETIC advertisements like this, your a disgrace and a joke. WHats the MESSAGE your ATTEMPTING to convey... FLIPPIN IDIOTS!!!! My new portfolio is going to be NOTHING BUT ANTI GW advertisements... CHIAT DAY, CP+B... HERE I COME BITCHES!!!!!

pixelbomb1's picture
2555 pencils

I totally agree with John on this one. Screw all the HATERS.

Arnold Santillan

desailly's picture
470 pencils

Well, yes, except the GWB certainly does have a reasonable case for being the human most associated with society's ills for the last 5 years. Sorry, I didn't SHOUT THAT IN CAPS. Can you still read it?

burnhard's picture
395 pencils

chill man. It's their problem not yours. It's friday. Relax. Let them waste their time. Just don't make the same mistake.

stiff's picture
4 pencils

easy now ccsman04, you might burst a vessel.

burnhard's picture
395 pencils

ha ha. that guy {or girl) is losing it.

ccsman04's picture
165 pencils

Sorry guys, I HAD {obligatory caps for desailly} to VENT!!!! I am chillin' now, I have my corporate cup of Starbucks and I am ready for the weekend.

rainman's picture
267 pencils

For a man that has taken more vacations than any other President in his first term alone, I'd say the wicked gets a lot of rest.

Marucuturu's picture
120 pencils

Quite a stressfull and complicated path to follow for a Bedding and Matresses company... I think this is a type of brand that should have a friendly, relaxing, "come sit by the fire to me" kinda personality. A contestatary
matress makes me think of a rough, tough, hard surface where I´ll get no rest.
The art direction doesn´t help either. I think they should have pushed it a little further.


Minimum's picture
1490 pencils

GWB is an optimist, he has to look forward. If he looks backwards he would see the trail of destruction he left :)

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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