General Electric Company: GE now! 5

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Art Director: Eric van Skyhawk
Photographer: Morad Bouchakour
Photo production: Marge Casey + Associates NYC
Art Producer: Betsy Jablow
Published: April 2009


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so what?! god these are so flat!

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Servicing: Hey we got ad space for GE. Here's the stock image. Write something smart.

Copywriter: When's the deadline?

Servicing: Tomorrow.

Copywriter: WTF!!?? Well, I'm off to lunch.

Servicing: Oh c'mon. Just a few lines. Please, please?

Copywriter: Here. A few lines. Shoo!

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WHY WHY WHY would BBDO choose to put this work up here?! it's terrible WTF?!

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Low budgeting. Man, photography is baaaad

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