General Electric Company: GE now! 1

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Art Director: Eric van Skyhawk
Photographer: Morad Bouchakour
Photo production: Marge Casey + Associates NYC
Art Producer: Betsy Jablow
Published: April 2009


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hello Mr. Technology!
does BBDO know how incredibly lame this advertising is?!
i hope so

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I come to this site to look at good advertising. Not the crap I ignore in free magazines.

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The amount of great advertising out there is few and far between. I'm talking about the real ads that get published, not fake ads or student work. I hope you aren't a hopeless, delusional art director who thinks that every ad that you are going to be a part of producing is going to be a Cannes winner. This ad campaign IS good.

It's only advertising.

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so this person is saying, "there's tons of crap out there anyways, so what's the big deal?...i hope you art directors hoping to do good, award-winning work don't set your sights too high because, hey, it's just advertising"

wow. how the hell do you get up in the morning with that attitude, eric?

and no this campaign IS NOT good, you essentially say as much in your post!

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Seems the creatives had a hard time with accounts and the client. America needs Beckham back again to learn more about "FOOTBALL".

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Mr. Technology, you son of a bitch!

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