March 2008
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Advertising Agency: Noah's Ark Creative, Gurgaon, India
Executive Creative Director: Viral Pandya
Creative Director / Copywriter: Vedobroto Roy
Art Directors: Viral Pandya, Vivek Bhagat
Photographer: Siddharth Misra

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Viral Pandya, Vedobroto Roy or Vivek Bhagat, who is BusterKeaton? I found this whole thread interesting because i have done my fair share of exactly what BusterKeaton is doing - i.e. snapping back at a rude comment, i know once you snap back at one rude comment, and when another user joins in the bashing, it is hard to stop the snap-back chain reaction. Ok well, the ad is bad. Like someone pointed out, if you can't understand the idea in 3 executions, how do you expect the consumer to understand it in 1! But then Get-A-Fix also wrote a rude comment at first, which led to BusterKeation to reply, and so on. Who is wrong who is right? Hard to decide, but the ad sucks for sure.