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Highway, Beach....aha! That tiny speck of cloud and blue sky represents a highway, or a beach? Woah!

Please stop with these ads. I mean guys you have tried sooo hard to be soooo smart...that you have made a complete fool of yourselves. 1.The same very idea three freakin times.
2.The idea is completely vague.
3.Unnecessarily trying to be smart...and failing miserably.
4.Art Direction???...well guess we will figure out when we actually see something!

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Its the wearer's POV. The world outside is dark till you see sunlight peering in from the top right hand corner.
Look carefully at the image and stop looking for the headline like you have been trained to.

And yeah....do get your fix, man! I guess its time.

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the ad also.

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Its the wearer's POV. On a slightly expensive computer monitor you can see the real image. The idea is in the top right hand corner. On a slightly expensive monitor....you can see that too.

And with a slightly better brain you could have understood the idea....before keying in your comments.

Yenjoy :-)

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jungle boy
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so is there anybody who has understood this ad?

i dint...and i dont want to.

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But that didn't stop you from commenting....on the last ad...and the first ad....'its not jungle-boy proof' ha ha ha

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Oh yeah I just did Buster! Of course everyone's aware it's the weare's POV...So what? Shades have just been invented is it? Everyone's freakin aware of it my friend. Maybe you weren't...

And my dearest friend Buster...WHAT is the idea? That the shades are so effective that its blocking out the sun completely. Or what? Now I am really curious. You have to enlighten me. Since you have seen a spark of brilliance in this campaign...tell us all what the idea is...why there are three executions for the same thing?

Oh sorry! I've got it now! You are a bit BLIND arent you? So the world looks like this to ya is it? A little bit of sky here...a tiny speck of grass there. Buster buddy...you surely need some fixing!


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Hey....fixer...why do you wear sunglasses?? To hide our bloodshot, fixed eyes??? Well, the rest of us wear to keep the sun out. You know!

Probably, you are a bit blind. Or....maybe...your brain is sitting nicely in a jar in some lab for further testing....and the rest of your body is still looking for it.

Ok now....cool down and pull up your shorts....here's the rest of the answers. Three (3) executions could have been five (5) too or more....just to tell bats like you that these are the places we wear sunglasses.

The world is dark till you see the 'TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER'....presto, its sunny outside. Sniff three (3) lines today, ok. Now pick up your tiffin box and go home!

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Disco Munky
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Hands up who thinks BusterKeaton is possibly one of the most overly defensive tossers....EVER?

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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I'd bet you got both your hands up...and you'll probably have them up, all night!

Have a pint, bud. Have it on me! Use the 100 :-)

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Disco Munky
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.....er what?

Doin' it for the points

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Mr. Positive
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I think you are being a little harsh Mr. Disco.
This is really good work from a four-year-old.
I didn't learn how to layer mask until I was eight.

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i got both my hands up too disco munky..

and i was thinking how hard it must have been to make these since youre defending them so fiercely..

ahh.. i know!! you took a highway picture, you photoshopped a big dark mask in front of it, and cut out a bit of it at the corner..

must have been tough..

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Disco Munky
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Dude, he's going to come after you now.

Quick put on a pair of shades from the ad and you should be able to blank him out.

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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Comments like these make me want to leave the business.

Are you guys teenagers or something?

I think people forget the point of advertising is to increase sales.

If a few ad people can't get an Ad, how can you expect the general public to get it?

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federal highway
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Wrong. Poor. Boring. Looks like an ad school ad. Maybe it is.

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glasses like these get people into accidents

... its already been done...

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I think I get it....!!

It says that if you buy glasses from Gem opticals, you are gonna go blind for sure....

yes ? No ?

oh, and the clouds that is there, in every single ad is just showing you the last traces of light that you will ever see !!

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Hey Buster buddy...missed you for a couple of days! Firstly to point it out...the name's from the comics - Asterix. Remember Get-a-fix? The Druid? Well maybe you don't. You probably were from the Roman side. We guys had you for breakfast every morning :)

Secondly, dude...you remind me of a 79 year old bitter, fed up, fixated, lost all marbles Granny...who complains cos she's been left in an Old Age home! No one visits her. No one gives a shit. Cos all she did her entire life was make other people feel miserable! Sigh!

Anyway, I have wasted enough of my time typing garbage over a garbage ad. Everyone feels the same too, it seems. Buster...boy...take this ad. Frame it on yer living room wall. Stare at it. Admire it. Make love to it. Invite the neighbours (I doubt if anyones gonna turn up...maybe Norman Bates would) Pick their brains...and if they disagree with yer POV... cook their brains and have it for lunch :)

(Thought of the day) No more wasting time on this Buster boy or this ad! Buster...its all yours mate! Enjoy :)

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lame...now what's that supposed to mean?
does it really help the brand...

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It's amazing the way Buster is trying to defend this stupidity tht he calls an ad. How are you going to explain the hundreds and thousands of common people who see this ad, what you fail to explain a handful of us here? If a common man (the target audience) cant get it, he just cant get it and thats it - you are not going to be around him to do the explanation. Just be a man and give up on this so you can come up with something next time. As for this ad, on grounds of sensibility and logic it has already gone way down the tube.

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Viral Pandya, Vedobroto Roy or Vivek Bhagat, who is BusterKeaton? I found this whole thread interesting because i have done my fair share of exactly what BusterKeaton is doing - i.e. snapping back at a rude comment, i know once you snap back at one rude comment, and when another user joins in the bashing, it is hard to stop the snap-back chain reaction. Ok well, the ad is bad. Like someone pointed out, if you can't understand the idea in 3 executions, how do you expect the consumer to understand it in 1! But then Get-A-Fix also wrote a rude comment at first, which led to BusterKeation to reply, and so on. Who is wrong who is right? Hard to decide, but the ad sucks for sure.

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