June 2007

1. No intercourse without a condom.
2. No sperm or blood in the mouth.
If the past's interfering with your relationship:
Love life. Stop AIDS.

Client: Federal Office of Public Health FOPH Switzerland
Head of Campaign Department: Adrian Kammer
Project Manager: Fabrice Burri
Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Switzerland
Creative Director: Petra Bottignole
Art Director: Ondrej Maczko
Copywriter: Serge Deville
Photographer: Anoush Abrar
Account Management: Marc van der Heijden, Siegrun Meier, Nathalie Pasternak

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I'm planning on doing my advertisement essay on this advert. God help me lol

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Activity Score 152

A very good ad. I like the concept.

And the guys on the pictures are quite...interesting :) At least it would catch my attention and I will read the message...

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Activity Score 987

Loved this ad!

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Activity Score 50

looks like they could do with a pair of my undies.

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Activity Score 120

Too bad they are gays... Those kids are HOT!

I like the concept, it's simple. We have a saying here in Argentina, I assume it's well known elsewhere too: You don't sleep just with your partner, you are sleeping with all the sexual partners both of you had over your lives.

It's kinda common knowledge, but it has a nice execution.


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marucuturu! just what the hell do you mean by 'Too bad they are gays... '

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Activity Score 120

I meant that I could never get into a relationship with them, 'cause they are not interested in girls... Too bad, because they are hot. Why? Did it sound like I was judging them? Sorry if my comment was misunderstood.


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Good work

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i love it. I love it! the concept, the image, it's all there! Very well constructed even the subtleties .

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Those kids are HOT!

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I'm planning on doing my advertisement essay on this advert. God help me lol