Gatwick Airport Shopping: Runway Models

Gatwick Airport wanted people living within its 60 mile radius, to think of the Airport as a place with great, good value shopping. It just so happens that gay magazine Attitude, has incredibly high readership in the South of England due to the large gay community living in areas like Brighton. A mock double page fashion spread was published in the magazine and the models were replaced by planes.

Advertising Agency: Naked London, UK
Art Director: Adam Fish
Copywriter: David Feldman
Illustrator: Jonny Lighthands
Published: Attitude Magazine August 2009


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just write
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very nice...

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A stranger abroad
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Pun alert. Pun alert. Be on the lookout for bad puns in your area. Report all sightings but do not approach. They can be dangerous.

And on the strategic front, I have seen this 'promote us as a destination in our own right, not just as an airport' brief for Changi. I think it is an object lesson in the difference between a brief and wishful thinking. Who do you know who goes to an airport to shop, or eat, without having to be there to fly or see someone off?

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What a weird individual you are. Have you ever considered the brief may have been to get people to consider buying more stuff at the airport, whilst they are there, before they are about to fly. Nothing to do with promoting it as a destination in its own right.

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A stranger abroad
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In polite discussion, it is usual to address the arguments that people make, rather than make personal insults such as 'What a weird individual you are.' Your subsequent point was intelligent and worth making. There was no particular need to cheapen it with a personal attack.

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Quite right. You've certainly made me rethink how I conduct myself in the future...

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It's not actually to promote Gatwick as a destination in it's own right. It's so that people associate Gatwick airport with shopping, and use the 1 hour average terminal time to use the shops rather than stay sitting in the departure lounge, and/or doing all their shopping at a greater expense, before hand. People just didn't know we had great, cheaper shopping at the airport.

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Grace Bastien

I think it is cute.... but the art COULD be better.

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I agree with Grace.

Now it looks a bit like childeren advertising. Fun at the airport.

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As a copywriter, I run as far away as I can from using puns. In this case, however, I think it's perfectly acceptable as it does justice to the idea, which btw is pretty cool. (with all due respect to A stranger abroad, of course)

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very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Very poorly done.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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