Gatorade: Lungs

7 kilometers behind you. Breathe in. breath out. Air won't run out on you. / Is it in you?

Advertising Agency: BBDO Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Przemek Bogdanowicz
Art Director: Bartek Grala
Copywriter: Daniel Piecka
Illustrator: Bartek Grala
Additional credits: Patrycja Bruź, Katarzyna Maluszycka

March 2008


shahid.h's picture
256 pencils

fine layouts and execution...not very convinced with the idea though

Both Sides of the Brain's picture
Both Sides of t...
173 pencils

WTF? Ivan, what are these?

ivan's picture

Print and outdoor. What are you suggesting? :)

Guest's picture

Yeah these are really bad.
They look horrible for a product you should want to drink.
Try watching a program on ants next time you eat your tea

NastyJester's picture
740 pencils

I really don't like the lines. With the first one I wasn't sure whether to read the the left column then the right, or from top to bottom. And I agree with the comments about unappetising imagery... I know people might argue 'yeah, but it's for a fitness drink' but they should still look appealing.

Gaworka's picture
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I think it's a great, but the idea looks better in Polish language

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