Gatorade: Goalkeeper

Rather than creating a regular print ad, we Bogota made one which people could play with over and over and show their friends.The message’s strong impact made people associate Gatorade as the World Cup’s official hydrating drink,without actually being one of the sponsors.

Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Colombia
Creative Directors: Jose Daniel Leon, Hugo Corredor, Giovanni Martinez
Senior Art Director: Andres Maranta
Senior Copywriter: Juan Gomez
Retoucher: Zumo Studio
Account Manager: Adriana Alba

November 2010


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This would definitely make me stop and notice the ad. I like the fact that it doesn't give you instructions and just lets you play. Well done.

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Great ad. I would love to experience this for real.

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Roger Keynes
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Uh I don't get it. Can someone explain how this game works?

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I suppose goalkeeper is made from some kind of strechy material. More details on wtf is it would be nice

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A copy translation would help..

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Nice way of adding some interactivity and staying power to a print ad, but I'm not too impressed here. Gatorade should stick to its strengths which is the brand, its history, and the product formula. Clever ads aren't going to sell more Gatorade, this is the beverage market here.

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mmmyes. Look cheap to me.
I'm curious to see this in a magazine... this kind of pop up is not always easy to I'm wondering if it was done and I wondering if it was done in more then 10 magazines :)

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The copy says: a goal keeper can react in only 5 seconds. This game is no game.

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done before, plus it looks stretched in a bad kinda way.

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i like it, its different in print.

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