Gatorade: Football

Rehydrate responsibly

Advertising Agency: Graffiti BBDO, Romania
Creative Director: Ema Prisca
Art Director / Illustrator / Photographer: Cosmin Simionescu
Copywriter: Dan Stanescu
Additional credits: Cristian Gomoi, Ioana Ghilerdea

June 2009


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I don't think I get it.

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that refers to flower now read the copy

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i don't get it and even if i got it, it could look me cold.

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just write
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I dont get it at alll... somebody explain?

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A stranger abroad
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I *think* i get it. Well I can guess. When dehydrated you feel flat, like a deflated ball. So they have dramatized a deflated ball in 2D.

The 'responsibly' word is a mystery, but has a nicer and more edgy ring to it than just 'rehydrate'.

Was I right? Do I get a prize? It was only a guess...

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I don't know, I don't really associate being dehydrated as being "flat" at all.

And, like you said, should that be the correct interpretation, why "responsibly"? Where does that come from?

Perhaps the concept behind it is brilliant (I have no idea), but it's too cryptic.

Good luck!

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Dev Kumar
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The strong tagline made up for the far-fetched visuals.

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I'ts a pun for "Drink responsibly" as in alcoholic beverages... If you don't "drink responsibly" you end up flat on the pavement, same goes if you don't rehydrate responsibly... it just has a sporty twist...

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I thought it means the ball has been destroyed because of the power Gatorade provides.

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I think this is it.
But I think it could work like the other guy said.
Anyway it's a nice representation of sports symbols, balls like something like flowers or smt like that.
I like it all and they could make with any kind of sport.


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Qué avisos tan aburridos. Ni para ir en la puerta de una bodega!!


"Si eres buen copy, presiona alt + F4"

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Interesting desconstruction, too bad there is no idea

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G gives u the power to compete to the maximum.
If you drink too much you'll act like superman.

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"Hydrate Responsibly" has been a tag for Glaceau Vitamin water for a long while now.

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Too far stretched from the drink responsibly line

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Kick the soccer ball to shreds

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