Gatorade: Basketball

Advertising Agency: ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Creative Directors: Luiz Sanches, Dulcidio Caldeira
Copywriter: Gustavo Sarkis
Art Director: Renato Fernandez
Account Supervisor: Ricardo Taunay
Advertiser's Supervisor: Guillermo Roman

June 2008


dasgoodads's picture
101 pencils

There's no way he's going to reach the hoop.

m í t i c o's picture
m í t i c o
676 pencils

Demasiado Obvio...

De nada sirve una Gran idea sin una Gran ejecución.

andré ™'s picture
andré ™
144 pencils

Why only black kids, what's up with that?

Only black kids drink Gatorade?

Don't get it...

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

And no one complains when a whole campaign is on white kids.

I wonder why.

andré ™'s picture
andré ™
144 pencils

I wasn't complaing, I was just wondering, perhappys when you doing a national campaign you should diversify the ethenicity for a broader reach.

fen1x's picture
471 pencils

Its not that.
When you look at community in US its something about 20% are black. BUT in "final four" 90% are black.
In most sport disciplines black people dominate: NBA, NFL, Sprint even football.

Guest's picture

Obviously none of the previous contributors got the idea of this ad. This is made to look like a kid version of Michael Jordan, a famous endorser of the Gatorade brand. This is borrowed interest, and not very good.

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