Garnier: Tetris Night

Bad nights disappear

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Rodrigo Figueroa
Art Director: Francisco Seisdedos
Copywriter: Kote Kaid
Illustrator: Josefina Pro
Published: February 2013


salil.sharma's picture
2414 pencils

visual are very power full ! designer you are rocking.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

Ah, really great. Bravo.

kleenex's picture
37459 pencils

certainly is different.

Edoftheworld's picture
161 pencils

Hard to see tetris.

Davy jones's picture
Davy jones
46 pencils

agree.. it takes time.. more time.. art is damn good..

Jase Corbs's picture
Jase Corbs
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"LifeCondom Studded Texterizado" - uhh.. alrightyy!

Yeah the message is fantastic.

You can go out partying, drinking, dancing, clubbing, smoking, beer ponging, sexing, reading? (there's a shelf with books there but wtv, you could still smell I guess.)
- But it doesn't matter, Garnier natural skin roll-on will destroy your underarm Odor problems away! yay!

Although roll-ons are supposed to be used for protection instead of elimination but hey the message here is wonderful and looks visually great, albeit a little small for a web-based picture (as in people would have to have the image on fullscreen to actually be able to read any of the texts easily). If it is primarily used for printing out it would look perfect.

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